1 2
A Simon Moffat Kathryn Dorling
B James Crees (-15) Callum Jones
C Kev Lorne Alex Grove
D Kev West Jeff Robinson
E Anthony Bennett Graeme Cooksey
F Ben Blosse Adam Boone
G Josh Lee Glen fewlass
H Paul Waller Mark Birtles
I James Crowther/Tom Earles (-15) Rich Piercy




 Subs and Player Swap

There are clashes between Winter league matches Hull & District league matches, these have been kept to a minimum , but this has been unavoidable as there are limited courts and the majority of players are playing across a number of teams.

To combat this, a player swap rule has been added if your match clashes with a Hull & District league fixture.

This would mean that you could swap with another player that week ( ask someone playing on a different day to swap-they play your match and you play theirs – you then both keep your points).

You can still ask players to sub for you as normal.